Harini Satheeskumar

Harini Satheeskumar, Youth Engagement Coordinator

To help people build lives for themselves better than the ones they were born into: this is the goal of all of Harini Satheeskumar's work and advocacy. In everything she does, Harini strives to lead with empathy and amplify the voices of underrepresented communities. During the 2021-2022 term, she served as the student trustee for the Thames Valley District School Board, where she authentically brought forward the student voice to the board table. She also served as the Outreach Coordinator for the Ontario Student Trustees' Association, where she advised the Ministry of Education on issues affecting students and worked to strengthen the relations between OSTA and youth-led nonprofits in an effort to get more young people involved in education-related advocacy. Although her prior experiences have prepared her for her role as Youth Engagement Coordinator, Harini recognizes the many lessons to come and is committed to moving forward with humility, understanding, and genuineness.

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