Leadership Beyond the Box 2018 - Integrating Self-Care and Mindfulness Into Your Leadership Practice

Resilient Leadership: Integrating Self-Care and Mindfulness Into Your Leadership Practice
June 5, 2018 

Today, more than ever, there are a lot of demands on leaders and management teams.  Leaders are being asked to do more and to be more  - more creative, more innovative and more strategic. They're asked to facilitate change management within today’s complex environment. Many leaders are facing and/or seeing epic proportions of stress symptoms in their workplace and the community.

You can learn and practice resilient leadership! In this practical and engaging workshop we will look at how to enhance your own personal effectiveness and leadership capability to build resilience in you as a leader as well as teams and organizations.  

In this session you will learn:

  • How to cultivate the practice of mindfulness
  • Concepts to increase your resilience, optimism, and problem-solving ability in times of stress and change
  • Creative and sustaining tools for YOU to be the healthiest leader you can be (mind and body)

About the presenter:

Chris Moss is a Leadership Program Manager at London Life. For almost two decades Chris has been mobilizing the business community, non-profit organizations and individuals to seek opportunities where they can make significant impact in the lives of their staff, customers, partners and community. With 19 years of practical leadership experience as well as a Masters of Arts Degree in Leadership, Chris focuses on radically transforming team cultures, improving performance and elevating organizations to new heights in their community. With expertise in executive coaching and leadership development, change management and teams facing challenging situations, Chris works with leaders to rethink the way they do business in order that they may achieve the positive outcomes they've identified.

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