The Local Indigenous Learning Series - Workshop #1 Indigenous 101: The Truth


Anti-Indigenous racial discrimination and bias have profound negative impacts on Indigenous individuals and communities. Research demonstrates that we all harbor unconscious biases. The good news is that enhanced awareness and training can create an inclusive culture that identifies and helps mitigate and even eliminate these hidden biases. We want to have an honest conversation about true biases and misconceptions that our local Indigenous community has experienced. 

In the first session of this two day training series, join us as we visit the surrounding three Indigenous Communities, where we will learn from a local Indigenous Knowledge Keeper about their history, culture, language and current community issues. This is an opportunity to get to know more about our Indigenous neighbours. 

Following this learning, participants will join a sharing circle to talk about racial discrimination and biases that the Indigenous community has felt. You will hear from local Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and other community members who have felt first-hand the effects of bias and misconceptions. 

Education is essential in any effort to end racism.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the Indigenous nations and people in our community 
  • Build awareness of the bias and misconceptions that our Indigenous community experiences
  • Opportunity to demystify common bias and misconceptions by entering in conversation and asking, "What would you like to know about Indigenous people? What are the questions you're afraid to ask but really want the answers to?"

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