Intro to Social Enterprise Coaching Program

High stress and burnout are common experiences for people in our Network. What tends to happen to you when your feel stressed or burned out? A slip in productivity? Reduced energy and motivation? Increased negativity? All of these effects create a negative impact on how you show up at work.  

Intro to Social Enterprise Coaching Program Join us for a conversation on Social Enterprise Coaching Program: a social enterprise...
We invite you to come and learn with us!  We no longer want to google our hearts out to learn more about each other, we want real ...
To apply for the bursary, click HERE!(more info below) Please note: Registration ends on January 16, 2018 Inspired by the Willy Van...

London is one of Canada’s leading social finance communities, where collaboration and innovation has already created more than $7 million in additional capital towards an inclusive economy.

Dharshi Lacey, Director Diversity and Governance, Pillar Nonprofit Network


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