Announcing the 2020 Canada Life Young Leaders Program

Pillar is delighted to have the Canada Life Young Leaders program on our menu of programs and services. Pillar has a strong commitment to diversity in leadership, youth volunteerism and board governance education, making this program a natural fit with our other diversity and governance initiatives.

This partnership with Young London and sponsored by Canada Life provides young people in our community with a unique leadership opportunity. The program matches youth aged 18-24 with a nonprofit organization, providing them the opportunity to serve as an ex-officio Board member for one year and learn more about effective nonprofit governance.

We invite you to consider hosting a young leader on your board. It is an excellent way to gain access to a youth perspective, create opportunity for young leaders to learn about the nonprofit sector and develop their leadership skills.

“This is a fantastic program. Many (most) of the young leaders we have had have continued on to become amazing board members if they stay on in London.
They really learn about the value of giving back to the community.” (participating board)

If you are between the ages of 18-24 and would like to participate in the program, download the application form HERE and apply by August 26, 2020

For more information or any questions about the Canada Life Young Leaders program, please contact Dharshi Lacey at or 519-433-7876 x 216.


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