New Partnership Aims to Bring Better Compensation and HR data to Canada’s Nonprofits

Pillar Nonprofit Network is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) and Imagine Canada to work on the Boland Survey. The Boland Survey is the most comprehensive source of nonprofit sector compensation and HR data in Canada. It has helped Canadian nonprofits make data-based decisions on salary and human resource practices since 1997.

Pillar Nonprofit Network sees the Boland Survey as an important tool to help organizations recruit and retain employees, a concern that surfaces regularly in local and national surveying, and it will also help in advocacy for nonprofit workforce development. Pillar is pleased to join other project partners, Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership and Vantage Point in BC to help increase the number of participants across the nation. We also know that our members are frequently in search of relevant regional compensation data, and so we look forward to the customized reports showing data from Pillar member participants.

Participants receive a substantial discount on Boland Survey subscriptions, up to 73% off, and Pillar members using the code Pillar2023! will be able to enjoy an additonal 10% discount as a member benefit. 

The survey opens March 1st, 2023 with the resulting reports available by the end of June 2023. The survey should take 1-3 hours for participants, depending on the number of job-position types they report, and subscriptions are tiered by organization size. 

For more information about the Boland Survey and sample reports, visit

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