Building the Plane While we're on the Runway: A Report on Pillar's #PolicyTalk June 2023

The policy team at Pillar has completed and published a report on the June 28 #PolicyTalk event, part of our commitment to help build capacity in the network and to have a positive influence on the development of the City's multi-year budget. The report -- Building the Plane While we're on the Runway -- recognizes that we are all striving for the best possible, but prepared to learn together from our experience to try even better in the future. It was distributed August 1 to event participants and Pillar members.

The report includes summary notes of the presentations made in June, the conversations that followed, notes on subsequent surveying and correspondence, and some material on what we've learned in the network since June. It also includes reminders to sign up for Pillar's upcoming #PolicyTalk: Defining Shared Goals, to be held in person at Innovation Works LondonAugust 10, 9:30am-12pm. 

In support of the August event, and to build on work begun in June, the Pillar policy team is also offering to map the  mission and activities of participating organizations to the City's Strategic Plan and -- to spark conversation and collaboration -- to find potential connections to other organizations with related priority areas. Interested participants should contact Grace Estrada ASAP at so that results can be shared back before the August 10 #PolicyTalk. Organizations planning to undertake this kind of mapping on their own are encouraged to sharing those results before August 10, so Pillar staff can make some connections with other participants.

Read Building the Plane While we're on the Runway.

Sign up for #PolicyTalk: Defining Shared Goals.

Email Grace to get help mapping your organization to the London Strat Plan.

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