Connections for Community Impact: Corporate Social Responsibility Award

“For the most part, I want to believe that companies try to do the right thing. Why? Because at the root of it all, every company is owned and operated by people. And people, by and large, are compassionate, caring, and want to help.”

This was written by Jay Menard, the content strategist at Digital Echidna and last year’s winner of the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the London Business Achievement Awards

Photo: Jay Menard & Victor Harris of Digital Echidna with Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director of Pillar Nonprofit Network

As nominations are being submitted for the third year of the Corporate Social Responsibility Award (CSR), we encourage businesses to think about how they can make a positive impact in the communities where they live, work, and play. Pillar is partnering with London Chamber of Commerce for the CSR Award to shine a spotlight on the nominees who are examples of socially responsible businesses in London, and encourage others to make a difference as well.

We believe that businesses are key economic and social contributors in London and connecting nonprofit organizations to the business community is our priority.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award recognizes businesses that excel in governance, reporting, transparency, people, programs and engagement, environmental stewardship, supply chain management and charitable donations and sponsorships. People want to be a part of creating change and doing right, and when this is embraced by businesses there is the possibility for great change.

If there are any businesses in London that stand out as socially responsible, make sure to nominate them for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Nominations close November 6, so be sure to make their impact known so that they can be honored and celebrated at this year’s awards on Wednesday March 23, 2016.


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