Connections for Community Impact: An Internship at Pillar

Being a student is a full time job. Between classes, assignments, and exams, there is always something to work on. However, there was still a missing aspect from my education: real work experience.

I am a student at Western University in my fourth year of the Media, Information, and Technoculture program (MIT). Through my program I discovered that I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge. Students are presented with an option to complete an internship with work that relates to my area of study. After three years of learning media theory, I was finally able to put my knowledge to the test and apply it to the real world.

When seeking out internship opportunities, Pillar immediately stood out to me. New to the London community, I was unfamiliar with local businesses and organizations so I was excited to see what the London community had to offer; I was not disappointed. From my start at Pillar I was exposed to the warm and remarkable London community. On my first day I was lucky enough to attend the United Way Harvest Lunch where I really got to see how integral Pillar is to the London community. My appreciation and understanding only grew as I dug into tasks relating to the Pillar Community Innovation Awards. Learning about all the finalists inspired me to help shine a light on the good in the London community.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on such an important and anticipated event. The skills that I have learned I will take with me not only through the rest of my education, but to any future endeavors, whether be work related or in my personal life. 

Author: Hailey Sugar

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