Connections for Community Impact: The London BizGrid

Meet Johnny.  Johnny has a brilliant idea for a new start-up company.

Johnny needs help.

Enter The London Bizgrid – an at a glance business help guide – where Johnny can start a search to get him the support he needs.

More than a simple directory, the London Bizgrid helps entrepreneurs navigate the growing resources available in London to help their idea take flight.  It offers answers to three simple questions:

What stage am I in?
Where can I go?
What do I need?

Common to all of the supports listed is an overwhelming desire to connect creative thinkers, business-minds and socially purposed entrepreneurs to what they need.  The Bizgrid was a collaborative effort. It highlights each organization’s services and it really is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Once engaged in the growing eco-system of entrepreneurship in London, you quickly find out that you are not alone. 

At Pillar Nonprofit Network, through our Social Enterprise program, we offer supports to businesses that operate with the dual purpose of generating revenue and providing a means to solve a social, employment or environmental problem.  Our services include business modeling, coaching and business planning as well as the funding to seed your venture. We are in constant touch with those who make up the Social Enterprise spectrum and will guide you to the right place, often crossing paths to find the engagement you need.

Do you know a “Johnny”?  Search no further to lend a hand.  Give him the “who’s who” of Entrepreneur support with the London Bizgrid.

Asking the right questions and doing 
the right things lead to success. 

We’re here to help!

by Lore Wainwright

About Lore
Lore [pronounced 'Lo-ree] is the Social Enterprise Program Manager at Pillar Nonprofit Network. She is helping to mobilize a strong social enterprise support system locally, provincially and nationally. She enjoys yoga, inspirational sayings found on teabags, and is a recovering gum addict.

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