Crowdsourcing for Community Impact: An Invitation to our Network & Equity-Seeking Groups

Pillar is testing a new way to crowdsource the various ideas and projects in our community specific to the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative (CHCI) funding opportunity to transform public spaces in response to COVID-19. This round is due March 9th, 2021, and there is another round in June 2021. You can find the CHCI applicant guide here

This crowdsourcing approach to funding ideas and projects is so we can collectively find where we have collaboration opportunities, overlap and potential to give space to others that may not typically have access to funding for their ideas and projects. We know that we are often racing to find partners and letters of support and hope this can facilitate a different way forward. We also know that there are groups often excluded and the Canada Healthy Community Initiatives Funding has a commitment to equity and inclusion in this process. So that we might all view ideas together, we have created this Google Sheet, and we invite you to share your ideas there.

Pillar has plans to apply for a CHCI project and we are looking to be transparent and assess whether it is the right fit with the other ideas in our community and whether we need to create space for other ideas to flourish. We have added our idea to the Google Sheet, including where we hope for additional partners.

If you are planning an application to the CHCI or could imagine being part of an application, we ask that you share: 

  • Name of Organization/Group 
  • Name of Project
  • Overview
  • Who are the Partners?
  • What else or who else would be helpful to your project or idea?
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Any Notes

We hope this will help to facilitate a shared and open view of what we are imagining and where there could be opportunities and gaps.

If you have any questions or find google docs to be a challenge please email Lindsay McDermott, Resource Development Manager at Pillar Nonprofit Network.

We are excited to connect and collaborate to build an engaged, inclusive and vibrant community!

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