Free Consulting: Fanshawe College HR Community Consultancy Program

Fanshawe College is offering free human resources consulting by advanced level students enrolled in the Human Resources Community Consultancy course.

This course runs at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business (LKSB), Fanshawe College every year between January and early April.  Every autumn, Fanshawe aims to have client participants secured by the end of October for the upcoming January.

Advanced level students compete for a place in this course and only 12 students are selected based on a variety of criteria.  Led by one or more faculty advisors, the students work at Fanshawe College in teams of four on three HR projects – these projects could be for the same client or for two or three different clients.  Examples of past projects include reviews of performance evaluations, employee wellness initiatives, onboarding/orientation and employee engagement initiatives.

Benefits of the Course for the Student 

1. Exposes HR students to the local community
2. Provides hands-on experience
3. Provides networking opportunities
4. Connects students to local agencies and businesses that could result in employment opportunities 

Benefits of the Course for the Client 

1. Exclusive access to a team of consultants
2. Students are guided by experienced faculty advisors
3. Total dedication to resolving their HR challenge 

There is no cost to the client and should involve minimal time commitment on the part of the client. 

The Process

1. There would be an initial meeting with the students at Fanshawe College in early January to brief them.
2. Thereafter, there might be contact via email for additional information and/or the students might visit the client’s premises on one occasion, if appropriate.
3. In early to mid-April, the client would once again visit Fanshawe College for the final presentation and to receive any deliverables. 


Roberta Wheeler, Coordinator, Human Resources Programs, LKSB
519-452-4430 x2824

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