Help us celebrate Michelle Baldwin - Share your memories with us

For over 14 years, Michelle Baldwin has been the intrepid leader of Pillar Nonprofit Network. Under her leadership, the impact of our organization has increased tremendously, growing to include Innovation Works, VERGE Capital and CityStudio while sparking countless community collaborations. 

To help celebrate Michelle’s legacy at Pillar, we’re looking to you to share what you’ve learned from working with her, whether as a community partner, employee, volunteer, mentee or friend. Please email us to share a few words with your consent to share on our blog and social media by February 12, 2021.

We know that Michelle’s impact has been and continues to be felt throughout our community and broader network of individuals working towards achieving positive social impact. While it is hard to quantify the impact that Michelle has had on both Pillar and the broader community, she is perhaps best known for her capability to lead with humility, authenticity. Creating trust and honesty in relationships is her art. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your memories with us and helping us celebrate Michelle’s impact on Pillar and our community.

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