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How to Convince my Nonprofit to Invest in a CRM (Guest Blog)

This is the last part of a 5-part blog series from our partners at Keela, centered around the question: "Does my nonprofit need a CRM?"

Part 5: How to Convince my Nonprofit to Invest in a CRM
By Phil Manzano, Head of Marketing and Communications at Keela.  

Over the past few weeks, we have been taking some time to unpack the most common challenges and objections that nonprofits face when considering investing in a CRM. First we took some time to look at the basics of a CRM. We then explored what a CRM looks like to different members of a nonprofit team. We took a look at all the missed opportunities your organization piles up without a CRM, and finally we tackled the fear of losing data by exploring institutional knowledge.

But the ultimate question remains: how does all of this convince my organization to invest in a CRM?

For that, my advice is this: The best CRM is the one that your team actually uses. So plan out exactly what you need and who will be using it:

  • Start by listing out your organization’s specific needs
  • Then create a list of fears and objections
  • Point by point, tackle each fear/objection with some of the points in our blog series

We created this series with the nonprofit sector in mind, built from examples from clients we have spoken to. By no means is it an exhaustive list, but it’s a great place to start.

There are tons of resources to help you make the decision, including many provided by TechSoup Canada and nonprofit software companies like Keela. We’d be happy to help you if you get stuck!

Happy CRM-ing.

Upwards and Onwards,
The Keela Family

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