How to Get the Most Out of Your Individual Membership

Pillar Nonprofit Network offers two types of memberships: Individual and Organization. Though there are some differences between the two - the most prominent being that Individual members are not able to post on the Pillar website - there remain a number of ways to get the most out of your Individual membership with Pillar.

First, make sure our mailing list is up to date with your contact information. This is our primary means of communicating funding opportunities, sector news, upcoming workshops and more. You can expect between 1-3 messages per week, geared specifically to the nonprofit sector. 

If you're into social media, we would also encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to receive real-time updates and get involved in conversations happening online in the nonprofit sector. We periodically offer social media workshops which teach how to use this powerful tool effectively. 

Once you have connected with us, be sure to take a moment to visit the "Nonprofits and Members" tab on our website. It's the blue tab in the menu at the top of our homepage. This page gives you access to a number of resources you are likely to find helpful:

Training and Events:  This is where we list upcoming workshops and events offered by Pillar. You can also find this information on the "events" page that is linked to our homepage. However on the "events" page, Pillar's events would be listed among all the others occuring in the broader nonprofit community, so they're a little harder to find. Remember, as a Member you get 25% off all Pillar workshops and events.

Resources:  We post everything we can think of that might be helpful to you here. In the interest of information sharing and promoting best practices and policies, we've included a downloadable copy of Pillar's bi-laws, volunteer management manual and board evaluation template, as well as our governance and operations manuals. If there's something missing that you'd like to see here, let us know!

Organizations:  Each of our member organizations has a profile listed on this page. 

Programs:  Pillar is more than the promotion of volunteerism in the nonprofit sector. We have a number of programs and services developed with you in mind. Peruse this page and consider how you might leverage our expertise to benefit your work.

Membership:  This is the page where you will direct your friends and colleagues when they ask you about the benefits of becoming a member of Pillar Nonprofit Network!

Our final suggestion for getting the most of our of your membership is that you participate. Talk to us. Share with us on social media, network with other members, post on our site, take advantage of discounted or free events, reach out to us and ask questions when you're stuck. Leverage our team's expert knowledge and network in the local, provincial and national noprofit sector to meet your unique needs.

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