Important & Exciting Changes to Pillar Nonprofit Network Membership Program

We are excited to announce a redesign of Pillar Nonprofit Network's Membership Program!

For the past 17 years, Pillar Nonprofit Network has been supporting nonprofits to fulfill their missions and to connect the three pillars - nonprofit, business and government. We know there is more we can do to facilitate deeper and expanded connections so that we can lean on each other and share what we know. This includes expanding our membership to individuals, organizations and enterprises invested in creating positive community impact.

We believe that this evolution of Pillar's Membership Program will strengthen our network and bring us closer to creating an engaged, inclusive and vibrant community for all. We believe in the collective strength of this network. We believe in this community!
Here's a brief animation video describing what we hope to achieve with this membership redesign: special thank you to a good friend of Pillar, Geoff Evans of The Animation Studio, for gifting the animation video!

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