Introducing CityStudio London's Manager

CityStudio London ManagerWe are thrilled to announce that work on CityStudio London has begun and will continue under the leadership of Pillar's newest team member, Mischa Schlemmer. London is one of the newest cities to join the CityStudio network and build on the concept that started in Vancouver. This project will bring together Pillar, City staff, students, and postsecondary education partners to work on projects that will benefit London and its residents. We are delighted to have Mischa on board to coordinate this important work.

Mischa is committed to nurturing and supporting thriving across healthy loving work, family, and community because her +15 years of research and experience working in 7 countries continues to prove how the knowledge revolution is driving humanity to expand our character and emotional intelligence capacities in order to imagine and collaborate to execute innovative solutions to the global, environmental, economic, and psychological challenges of our times.


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