London shining as a hub for Social Enterprise


April 7, 2015

Media are invited to attend the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise
When:  April 22-24, 2015
Where: London Convention Centre
London shining as a hub for Social Enterprise
Got a mission?  Got a business?  You have the making of a Social Enterprise!
London is quickly becoming recognized as a hub for Social Enterprise in the province, and now the country. Pillar Nonprofit Network has been home to many social entrepreneurs’ start, fourth year running with their Social Enterprise program. The recently announced Social Enterprise Fund (VERGE) landing in London is now coupled with London hosting the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise taking place from April 22-24, 2015 (CCSE2015).
Presented by the Canadian Council on Social Enterprise and Pillar Nonprofit Network, the three-day event is themed “Telling Our Story” featuring exciting local social enterprise tours and stories, opportunities to learn and share personal stories, government and private sector engagement models, governance, scaling and advice on how to measure impact.  The honorable Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure will address over 300 delegates at this national forum.
Social Enterprises in London continue to grow and thrive, gainfully employing people year over year and contributing to the economic development of the community.  Stories like Textbooks for Change, For the Love of Laundry, Impact Junk Solutions and London Training Centre to name just a few businesses have seen the double, sometimes triple bottom line drive change into London – financial, social and environmental. “Partnerships and collaboration are at the heart of many of these establishments, as we see groups like Goodwill, YOU Café, Clean Works and Growing Chefs openly share ideas and connect like-minded individuals all for the sake of generating both revenue and social impact.” Says Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director of Pillar Nonprofit Network.
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Working with Pillar has been highly valuable for taking The New School of Colour to the next level as a social enterprise. Pillar has helped us to manage the many small details that arise when building and expanding a business, while ensuring that we never lose focus of the bigger picture - the amazing art and social impact that The New School of Colour is bringing to the London Community. In addition to help us learn to manage our time and ideas, Pillar’s support has truly embraced the idea of The New School of Colour as a community organization. It has connected The New School of Colour with other individuals and ideas in the local community, opening up the possibilities for the social enterprise in the future. As a current Western student, I experienced the power of Pillar’s network first hand when it connected me to The New School of Colour back in November. During my time as a volunteer, I have had the opportunity to further my personal development as a professional, particularly in the area of managing people. I have learned to lead meetings, offer constructive advice, and manage expectations during challenging conversations. Without a doubt, Pillar is truly delivering on its mission to provide development opportunities and to strengthen our community.
Natasha Shew, Volunteer for The New School of Colour
Working with Pillar Non Profit has been amazing from day 1. They were so helpful with every question I had, and pointed me in the right direction for all my needs. Lore, in particular has been "in my corner" throughout my entire journey of becoming an entrepreneur. She has been so professional and yet at times I would swear we were friends. Pillar Non Profit helped me move my idea into a reality, and they believed in me, before I believed in myself. They understood what I needed and helped me get there, and never left my side through it all. 
Melissa Power, For the Love of Laundry
At Impact Junk Solutions we can’t begin to thank Lore and the team at Pillar for the continuous efforts to grow Social Enterprise in general and their ability to connect us to new people has been a major boost to our networking efforts! Keep up the good work
Kevin Dickens, Impact Junk Solutions
Pillar Nonprofit Network supports more than 340 nonprofit member organizations in fulfilling their missions in our community, while also making connections for community impact.  Pillar provides leadership, advocacy and professional development, and promotes volunteerism, networking opportunities and information sharing.  Pillar also believes fostering social enterprise, social innovation and cross-sector collaboration are key strategic priorities in building stronger and more inclusive communities.  For more information, please visit:
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