Mapping Social Enterprises in Ontario


LONDON, ON (March 18, 2014) – Pillar Nonprofit Network is pleased to announce the launch of a province-wide social enterprise mapping project, Mapping Social Enterprises in Ontario, in partnership with and with the support of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment.


The goals of the province-wide social enterprise mapping project is to gain a better understanding of the levels of engagement of social enterprises in local communities and the supports required for these communities to thrive.


"Mapping and list making are inherent human activities that are driven by a desire to understand our place in our respective communities and find a shared sense of belonging," said Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director of Pillar Nonprofit Network. "A map is a powerful community resource that helps to identify our place in this world from an organization standpoint, as well as to surface the connections and relationships that exist within our communities."


Mapping Social Enterprises in Ontario will comprise a series of mapping workshops known as mapathons in a total of six communities across the province. These mapathons will bring people and communities together to map their world of good, helping to identify and improve the discoverability of those initiatives making a difference in the community. The results from these mapathons will be digitized and uploaded on where community members and the public can continue to build on the maps.


The official announcement will be made at the Impact Ontario social finance conference at MaRS in Toronto on March 18, 2014.


For more information or to get involved with the Mapping Social Enterprises in Ontario project, email or visit




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