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With 47 years of service provision in the London area, Childreach is considered a leader in parent support and continuing education for early years professionals.  Since 1975, Childreach has offered early years’ educational programming at no cost, in a barrier-free manner.  Currently, Childreach provides prevention and early intervention services for young families through EarlyON drop-in playgroups, Wild Child Outdoor Playgroup, parenting classes, and individualized family support.  All programs have an intentional focus on accessibility and inclusion. Using evidence-informed approaches, Childreach builds strong foundations in the early years to achieve its vision that all children reach their full potential. Childreach is making a real difference in the lives of families every day. Parenting is hard work, but it's the most important job a parent will ever have. All Childreach's programs and services are free, and while Childreach does receive some government funding, we rely on the generosity of donors to keep intervening early and often -  because a strong parent equals a strong child.

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Local program’s like Childreach’s one-of-a-kind Wild Child Outdoor Playgroup are helping connect families to nature and outdoor, unstructured play. Even through pandemic restrictions, families and young children felt comfortable outside and were able to sustain access to active learning-through-play programming through Wild Child. A recently released evaluation of Wild Child Outdoor Playgroup prepared by Dr. Jason Gilliland, Heather Jantzi and Alexander Wray of Western University’s Human Environments Analysis Laboratory reports that the Wild Child outdoor playgroup is a highly successful child-led, parent supported educational program. Highlights from the Report indicate that participation in outdoor play can contribute to improved children’s health and well-being across the lifecourse. The Report further noted that outdoor playgroups are recognized globally as effective programming to increase child engagement with nature and build strong child-parent relationships.

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Come Join Us & Get Outside with Wild Child:

Childreach understands the need for outdoor, unstructured family programming and offers the Wild Child Outdoor Playgroup, for free, three time weekly, year-round in forested spaces across London that are accessible by public transit.  Wild Child enables children, inclusive of different ages, genders, and ethno-cultural backgrounds, to collaborate, build resiliency and competence through nature-based play. Wild Child is a child-led, parent supported program that is facilitated by early years professionals who are passionate about the outdoors, and about building strong foundations for children.

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Childreach is a long-time Pillar Nonprofit Network Member. Childreach board and staff participate in Pillar's learning and development programs, we follow the Community Connector News & Events updates and use the job/volunteer sign up function regularly to share opportunities with our organization.

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