Member Moment: Good Neighbors Canada

Member Moment:  Good Neighbors Canada, Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Good Neighbors Canada is a registered charity and part of an international non-profit that specializes in global development projects and children's rights, empowering people to achieve self-reliance.

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A new report came out with the horrific number that almost every single second a Ukrainian child has become a refugee. Good Neighbors Canada has raised almost $4,000 to help our international team. We are providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine and Romania, working with international partners, UN offices, and the local government in both countries.

In a global effort to raise funds for food, transportation, shelter management, medication, telecommunications and child protection in three daycare centres, Good Neighbors International raised 42% of what is needed for the first phase of support. So far, we have distributed emergency food kits to over 10,000 people in Reni, Ukraine. The second distribution will happen in Izmail within this week. We are now assessing how to send items to Odessa.

These supplies should only last people about two weeks, so we continue to fundraise. We also need help as we are coordinating shelters and buses near the borders. Given that a lot of refugees are women and children, human trafficking is a big concern that prompted the need for safe transportation.

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