Member Moment: Heart-Links Lazos de Corazón

HEART-LINKS LAZOS DE CORAZÓN is a London-based registered charity that works to advance community development in northern Peru. We partner with organizations in Peru to finance and accompany community-led initiatives in education, leadership training, gender equality, sustainable communities and health and wellness, among others. We also organize an annual trip to northern Peru for people who are interested in learning what it's like to walk in solidarity with people from another part of the world.
What do you want people to know about how you or your organization is creating change in our community?
Heart-Links' vision is of Canada-Peru solidarity that builds community, pursues social justice, and contributes to our common welfare. Our community is local and global. In addition to supporting community-led develpment in northern Peru, we raise awareness in Canada about global issues and work at the local, provincial and national levels to help develop good global citizens.
What you are doing and include how people can get involved.
Heart-Links is taking part in a very special initiative this holiday season: the 24 GOOD DEEDS charity advent calendar
Packed with 24 projects that tackle critical social issues around the world, this advent calendar is a gift that keep on giving. Selected projects create positive change in the areas of health, education, nutrition and nature. The more calendars sold, the more support these projects receive. It’s that simple.

- For just $24 you can support 24 projects around the world
- All projects are implemented by registered Canadian charities
- Order one for yourself or as a meaningful gift
- Available as a 3D physical calendar and as a digital version

One of the 24 projects is an afterschool program run by Heart-Links’ partner Madre Oliva Association in the rural hamlet of Nuevo Mocupe, Peru.

Here’s how the calendar works: On December 1st, open door number one. The next day, door number two. Behind each door you’ll learn what you donation is achieving. More information about each project will be available on the 24GoodDeeds website.

This giving season, join us in making the world a better place, one GOOD DEED at a time.
Please share with us why you are a Pillar Nonprofit Network Member. What have you gained from being a Pillar Member? 
Heart-Links is a member of Pillar because we believe that only by working together can we create a better world. Through Pillar and as a co-tenant at Innovation Works, we have met many other changemakers. Sometimes that leads to collaboration. Sometimes just to enriching conversations. We appreciate the sense of community Pillar strives to build as well as the advocacy work Pillar engages in on behalf of the sector.

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