Member Moment: The London Search and Rescue Team

The London Search and Rescue team are trained professional volunteers that assist all police forces within 150 km of London, ON in the search for missing persons. We are the only volunteer ground SAR team in our area, and are 100% volunteer run.

Each searcher on our team is trained in search patterns, missing person behaviour, psychology of survival, orienteering, map and compass work, GPS and Radio usage, evidence handling, administering first aid and several other skill sets. Several members have advanced training in man-tracking, emergency management, medical first responder, and search management. You can learn more about LSAR on Facebook or Instagram.

The London Search and Rescue team, in addition to searching for missing persons, runs a preventative educational program called AdventureSmart. This program was developed in British Columbia and we have 20 certified instructors who deliver free educational courses to the public with a focus on educating youth. The courses we teach are called Hug-a-tree and survive, Survive outside, Paddlesmart, Survive outside Snowmobiling, and Snow Safety.

To learn more about this program you can view it here:
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The London Search and Rescue (LSAR) team consists of 83 trained professional volunteers and 20 trainees. We are the only ground search and rescue tea located within 100km of London, ON and are called upon by the London Police Services, OPP and several other local police services to help locate missing persons. We have been operating for 21 years.

There is a demonstrated need for a volunteer search and rescue team in London. The citizens we search for are often physically or mentally vulnerable and their lives or well being are in jeopardy. The purpose of our team—to search for vulnerable persons—touches our entire community.

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Our team is on call 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in all types of weather. Today, we Link to featured initiative, project, or campaign: pleased to have upgraded navigation and communication equipment and to have more members fully trained than prior to the pandemic. However, we receive no municipal, provincial or federal funding and rely on fundraising to secure our operations. The auction is our largest fundraiser of the year and helps us to cover our core operating expenses: liability insurance, equipment insurance, activation cell phone, command post gas, training, equipment, and uniforms. With an increase in missing persons due to mental health issues, police forces are calling us more now than ever, and we could use more support funding our core operations.

Proudly Serving all police forces within 150km of London for 21 years:

Aylmer Police | Brantford Police Service | Chatham-Kent Police Service | London Police Service | Ontario Provincial Police | Sarnia Police Service | Stratford Police Service | Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service | St. Thomas Police Service | Woodstock Police Service

The online auction will run November 15 2023 to November 21 2023 on the website

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