Member Moment: Rights and Responsibilities Awareness Initiative

RRAI is a community initiative, incorporated as a registered charity, aimed at spreading legal, financial, and cultural awareness to the Ontario community. We conduct public awareness campaigns based on the identified needs of the Ontario community to educate the targeted groups about their rights and responsibilities with respect to Canadian laws, regulations, finances, and culture to fill the gaps in important daily life issues which are not provided by most settlement agencies.

Our mission is to spread the awareness of rights and responsibilities in the community and ensure that all community members are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.

What do you want people to know about how you or your organization is creating change in our community?
We are incorporated as a registered charity and governed by a diversified Board of Directors. Our services are aimed at newcomers, seniors, students, refugees, temporary residents, and any other interested group.

RRAI pillars:
• Community: Working towards a better and stronger community
• Education: Legal, financial, and cultural awareness
• Diversity: Our services are open for all - everyone is welcome
• Justice: Public education is a step to justice.

What is a recent success that you would like to share with the community?
We conducted a pilot project funded by a grant received from the City of London. We held several legal, social, and financial awareness webinars presented by volunteer experts in the field from different institutions. Those sessions were attended by hundreds of participants.

The feedback from RRAI audience was very positive. Our sessions were attended by 623 persons, who provided 405 feedback forms. Of these persons, on average 9.24/10 of the participants indicated that their knowledge was increased by attending RRAI awareness sessions, 9.30 indicated that they would recommend those sessions to someone they know. and we are getting several requests for information sessions about new topics every session. This is why we need to be supported to be able to satisfy that need in the community. Because of our success, we want to expand this project so that more community members can benefit. We intend to fine-tune our delivery methods and expand our geographical reach outside the City of London.

Your donations to RRAI will help to provide community members, particularly newcomers, with well-needed information translated to several languages to reduce the language barrier with the targeted groups. To make a donation, click here. 

Please share with us why you are a Pillar Nonprofit Network Member. What have you gained from being a Pillar Member?
RAI is a proud Pillar member, and we do appreciate the continued support we had from Pillar including but not limited to having a rent space at no cost in 2021.

Being a Pillar member opened a wide range of opportunities to RRAI by establishing a connection with other members, enjoying the privilege of advertising RRAI events, and volunteering opportunities as well as attending Pillar events.

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