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Claire Crossley was a middle-aged woman with successful career, until she experienced a spine injury and a lengthy career disruption.  Claire's injury and career disruption resulted in many additional challenges.  Faced with losing her home and unable to find full-time work, Claire applied for social assistance and found no available career services for middle-to-late-stage career women.  In response, Claire founded Next Chapter Career to fill this gap.

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Next Chapter Career has launched a new survey for under-unemployed women, aged 40-64, living in London, Ontario!

This new survey was developed with thanks to The Fund for Gender Equality. The Fund for Gender Equality is supported by a collaboration between Community Foundations of Canada and the Equality Fund, with support from the Government of Canada.

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Women of a particular age experience career disruptions for a variety of reasons (health issues, caregiving, loss of employment). Research demonstrates women face additional challenges when re-entering the workforce. Following such a career disruption, many women experience a decrease in income causing further financial hardship which can take years to recover from.

Next Chapter Career was created for women by women to offer support to middle-to-late stage career women in London, Ontario.  If you identify as a women aged 40-64, we want to hear your story - please complete our anonymous survey, available May 10-25th,

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Claire became a member of Pillar Nonprofit Network as a student in the 2020 (Spring) with the Libro Social Enterprise Incubator program and will always be grateful for the meaningful connections and invaluable resources offered by the program, as well as the larger Pillar Nonprofit Network community in London!

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