Mental Health, Employment & Accessibility. Just the starting point for these six startup social enterprises joining our Incubator.

Each quarter we invite six startup social enterprises to join us for six months of integrated, supported learning at Innovation Works. Sponsored by Libro Credit Union, we provide ongoing coaching, mentorship, learning opportunities and resources to boost the impact of these social enterprises.

Social Enterprise Incubator participants receive:
- 6 months access to Innovation Works
- Bi-weekly workshops; including business development, strategic planning and impact measurement
- 1-1 Coaching with Pillar's Social Enterprise Coach
- Support from volunteer Business Advisors specialized in your area of need
- Access to online databases of legal documents, business plan templates & other social enterprise resources
- A network of social enterprises at all stages of development

Six new social enterprises will be joining us from July - December 2018, each with a unique business model and positive community impact!

519 Pursuit
519Pursuit is a passion driven approach to meet people where they are in the underrepresented homeless community. 519Pursuit members will strive to provide the necessary means and encourage confidence to those living on the street in order to thrive in any environment. The goal is to value humanity and reinstate the unique population into functioning members of society.

Ascend Applications
Ascend Applications is a Social Enterprise that makes the web more accessible for those with disabilities. We offer online accesibility software which can be added to your website in less than 10 seconds.

Authentic Essence Unleashed
Authentic Essence Unleashed is a personal development and event company, Empowering African millennial to live their best life now by using theirs gifts to serve the world. At A.E.U we host events in 3 main areas Self-Mastery, Collective projects &  Entrepreneurship.

There is an African proverb that says, it takes a village to raise a child, A.E.U is that village.

Canadian Mental Health Association
Impact is a social enterprise of CMHA Middlesex. We offer full service junk removal services, a furniture bank, and will be expanding our business operations in bed bug removal services. The bed bug removal is a thermal remediation system that provides and environmentally friendly way to eliminate bed bugs. Our social enterprise is equipped to remove furniture from infestations at the request of the customer, and address the need to support with re-furnishing their apartment due to our community outreach in securing donations.

MI Understanding
M.I.understanding is a communication tool, focused on increasing awareness, understanding and the importance of early intervention when it comes to children’s mental health. Dedicated to creating a community of support, M.I.understanding strives to pull families out of isolation, start a conversation and create a platform that sees everyone in a child’s life (school, medical, community and family) working together to support them. We do this three ways: Video stories that start a conversation, Creating a Community of Support Exhibits, and the P.I.P.E program ( parents in partnership with educators). M.I. understanding multi-tier support system helps schools and communities champion the importance of everyone working together to support our children’s mental health.

The Coaching Room
This enterprise is a paradigm shift toward heart-centred relationships demonstrated in partnership with horses who model sensitivity and benevolent leadership. Developing from there we create community barns that offer healing and wellness programs in a unique ‘gathering place’ that includes nature and horses.

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