Pillar Nonprofit Network Impact Report 2021: Equity and Radical Accountability: Unlearning While Taking Action

We are pleased to share our annual Impact Report for 2021. The theme of our report for this past year is Equity and Radical Accountability: Unlearning While Taking Action, which encapsulates the journey we have been on to meet the goals of our strategic plan. Over the past year at Pillar, we have taken a deep look at the internal, cultural and relational ways that we operate and have taken steps to make improvements where needed to help us meet the commitments of our strategic plan. This ongoing process requires a great deal of vulnerability, humility, learning and unlearning while still moving forward on our core commitments to our network.

We hope that in sharing this look into Pillar’s ‘inner work’, you’ll see how we’re beginning to apply this lens of radical accountability to all of our programs, some of which you’ll hear about in this report. We’re excited to share our progress, knowing there is always further to go on this unlearning journey as we gain knowledge and do better. Read our report to learn about our impact by the numbers and how we supported the network and local community this past year through the lens of five stories of impact:

  • Connecting local communities to global Sustainable Development Goals

  • Fostering development of future leaders today

  • Enabling the community sector to amplify their impact

  • Cultivating community and connection across sectors

  • Mobilizing capital to invest in people and planet

Find Pillar Nonprofit Network's past impact reports and audited financial statements here.

Cover of Pillar's 2021 Impact Report

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