Six High Potential Social Enterprises join the Libro Social Enterprise Incubator

Each quarter we invite social enterprises to join us for 6-months of integrated, supported learning at Innovation Works. Supported by Libro Credit Union, we provide ongoing coaching, mentorship, learning opportunities and resources to boost the impact of these social enterprises.

Social Enterprise Incubator participants receive:
- 6 months access to Innovation Works
- 1-1 Coaching with Pillar's Social Enterprise Coach
- 1-1 support from a volunteer Business Advisor specialized in your area of need
- A network of social enterprises at all stages of development
- Additional social enterprise & business resources

Six new social enterprises will be joining us from April - September 2018, each with a unique business model and positive community impact!

Motiv8 Gaming
Motiv8 Gaming is a platform integrating cognitive enhancement into video games to elicit an impact on mental health and addiction in kids.  With fully customizable gamification systems, parents, teachers and clinicians can leverage our advanced motivational reward mechanics to teach kids how to plan for and accomplish real-world goals like exercise and homework.

Leveraging biometrics, machine learning, big data, mindfulness, and gamification - Motiv8 Gaming provides a truly unique user experience tailored to each individual. By drastically expanding the value games offer and extending their benefits through time, Motiv8 Gaming is ushering in a revolution in how people relate to and play games. 

Building Better
Building Better is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting and implementing sustainable building and living technologies in residential, commercial and public settings.  Through campaigns, consultation, project management and workshops we hope to empower and enable individuals and communities to implement emission reduction solutions in existing structures, develop new, community run, environmental responsible facilities, and influence policy making to prioritise sustainable outcomes.
Zero Waste Forest City
Zero Waste Forest City is a community group deeply passionate about our planet. Through advocacy, educational opportunities, community partnerships, and accessible resources, we strive to make a low impact lifestyle more approachable to everyone in the Forest City, and beyond. We aim to empower individuals to make informed, earth-conscious choices, and believe that together, we have the collective power to make our community a healthier, more sustainable place to be. 

MAVerick (which is a derived from MAV - Men Against Violence) is a private label clothing line developed as an advocacy campaign for men to demonstrate their commitment to ending violence against women. Its original purpose was for men to share their commitment to ending violence against women by wearing a white hoodie (the original MAVerick shirt that was sold) and posting pictures of themselves in the shirt on social media. The net revenue from sales of the expanded apparel line will fund One Spark's Entrepreneurship Program, which assists women that have been impacted by violence to start their own business as a means of achieving a sustainable livelihood and having the capacity to become financially independent and free of violence. Additionally, MAVerick will provide "transitional", barrier-free employment for women impacted by violence, giving them the opportunity to generate an income quickly and with as few barriers as possible so that they can afford their basic needs as they move forward from violent circumstances.

Klemm & Lechet

Klemm & Lechet is a multidisciplinary partnership between a licensed paralegal and a registered Social Worker.  Together we assist children and adults who have experienced violence in Ontario to apply for compensation. We also assist employees who have experienced discrimination or a mental health injury at work. We provide legal services, including representation before the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, the Human Rights Tribunal, or the Workplace Safety and Insurance Tribunal. Together we mitigate the trauma clients have experienced and assists them with emotionally preparing for the hearing and being able to state the facts. Our practice utilizes a Trauma Informed Approach to provide legal/social work services.The purpose of our partnership is to promote a society that believes every citizen has a right to the opportunity to achieve his, or her highest potential.

PiPaPo focuses on creating fun and engaging content for young women to support the Pink Pad Project. The Pink Pad Project is a community-driven initiative to provide better access to free pads and tampons for any person experiencing a menstrual emergency. Founded in London, Ontario, the Pink Pad Project provides public pick-up points for single pads and tampons. The Project is inclusive. Pink Pad boxes can be found in women's, men's, and gender neutral washrooms. Challenge conversations around wellness and empowerment with us online, have some tea during livestreams, come out to a #TMIFriday event or two, or grab yourself a Grow a Pair tee and experience the magic of being a part of a community of inspirational women

Want to be part of our next cohort? Applications for the Libro Social Enterprise Incubator will re-open in June!

Interested in accessing support for your social enterprise, or just learning more about social enterprise?
Join our community every Friday mornings 9:30-11am for Socialpreneur Chats at Innovation Works.  Come with an idea to share, a challenge to discuss, or a listening ear! 

Learn more about Pillar's support for social enterprise at or contact Julie Forrester, our Social Enterprise Coach at

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