Solutions Lab: Working Towards Transformational Systems Change

On May 31 and June 1,2016, more than 90 individuals attended London's first Solutions Lab. Over the 2 days, Chris Moss encouraged participants to explore, challenge, design and work towards making progress on complex issues impacting our community. Groups were asked to collect a team of diverse thinkers and we did our best to help bring individuals together.

The goal of the Solutions Lab and our ongoing work is to enhance a culture where people feel safe to:

  • Try new things
  • Learn from mistakes
  • And try again

Participants had the opportunity to learn about and practice generative listening and collaborative techniques, 2D, 3D and 4D prototyping and mindfulness. Our intention is to support some of the groups in their next steps as part of Innovation Works' London Life Solutions Lab. 

Groups in the room & their intentions

  • Food Security – Building healthy communities by gathering around food
  • Ending Violence Against Women – Mobilization, hope, acknowledging hurt, creating safe communities through collaboration and relationships
  • Family Services Thames Valley – re-imaging FSTV
  • Emerging Leaders – creating a connected, inclusive London that celebrates diversity and fosters leadership
  • Finance – Access to knowledge to help millennials achieve their goals and be financially stable
  • Education – Shift thinking and structures to a support strong, thriving and sustainable society
  • Workforce Development – A labour market that works
  • Heart-Links – Solidify our identity through community engagement and clear messages
  • My Sisters’ Place – Holding space to create the conditions to allow women to open up and safely connect
  • London Arts Council/London Heritage Council – Report back on the accomplishments of the cultural prosperity plan section by section
  • Inclusion – Strengthen inclusion in London through our systems




Learn more about what participants thought about the experience:

(Graphic recording by Monica Dikkes) 

Working in isolation doesn’t solve our most complex problems. Working together on our community’s toughest issues will help take these initiatives further and create greater impact. 

The work that we accomplished on May 31 and June 1 will continue at Innovation Works in the London Life Solutions Lab.  What shape that could take will depend on what we hear from the community.

Thank you all of the participants, facilitators, planning team and Chris Moss for leading courageously and being part of our first ever Solutions Lab.

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