Standing in Solidarity with #OurLondonFamily and the Muslim Community

Content warning: Anti-Muslim hate; death

The deadly attack on the Afzaal family in London last week was an attack on our neighbours, our friends and, for some, our family. We are making time and space in our work, and on our team, for grieving.

This was also an attack on our vision for an engaged, inclusive, and vibrant community, a city of belonging. And so there is work to be done, and Pillar is committed to it.

We join the call from the London Muslim Mosque for a local, regional and national response that is coordinated, united, and compassionate, rooted in love and accountability.

We recognize that addressing anti-Muslim hate and acts of terror in racialized communities also requires addressing systemic racism and oppression, and we support the call for an immediate National Action Summit on Islamophobia, where federal, provincial, and municipal/territorial leaders can come together to take immediate action on dismantling violent forms of Islamophobia and also systemic Islamophobia.

Continuing to make space for the most affected among us, we will keep you informed of local initiatives and we encourage you to seek the supports you need for yourselves, your families, your teams, and your communities.


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