Top 10 Reasons to Join Pillar Nonprofit Network

Our mission at Pillar Nonprofit Network is to strengthen the nonprofit sector. We spend our days doing all we can to support you in fulfilling your mission in our community and making connections for community impact.

But how exactly do you benefit from being a Member? Here are the top 10 reasons to join Pillar Nonprofit Network:

1. Get the help you need to grow and improve your nonprofit organization
Pillar has outstanding knowledge about the nonprofit sector in our community. We leverage our experience to benefit your organization, offering a wide range of high-quality and cost-effective programs and services that support you in identifying and achieving your goals. 

2. Participate in professional development workshops that will give your organization the tools needed to succeed
Pillar offers nonprofit training and education workshops that are tailored to our members, addressing challenges specific to the nonprofit sector. We customize our workshop calendar based on feedback from you.

3. Connect your organization to thousands of eager volunteers from within our community
Pillar Nonprofit Network has become the place to go for volunteer opportunities in the nonprofit sector in London. The volunteer page on our website is visited by up to 100 people per day. We also promote your volunteer opportunities in our newsletter and on social media where it has the potential to reach over 5000 followers.

4. Connect Your Organization to Funding Opportunities
We notify our members by email of any relevant funding opportunities that become available.

5. Collaborate with other nonprofits and build partnerships within the nonprofit sector, business community and government 
There are many complex social and environmental problems facing our community which cannot be solved by government alone, nor by one or more social agencies acting independently. Pillar provides a place of trust and collaboration where all sectors have an opportunity to come together to address common challenges, exchange ideas and share solutions.

6. Expand your network in the nonprofit sector
By participating as a member of the Pillar community, you have an opportunity to leverage Pillar Nonprofit Network's expert knowledge and network in the local, provincial and national nonprofit sector.

7. Support the nonprofit community by promoting the sector and participating in “best practices”
The opportunity to learn about and adopt 'best practices' will help to ensure that your organization operates efficiently and effectively, magnifying the impact of your benefit to the community. 

8. Heighten your visibility and credibility in the London community
We promote not only our Member organizations but also the volunteer opportunities, upcoming events and job opportunities you post to our website. What's more, your affiliation with Pillar, recognized as the leading advocacy organization for the nonprofit sector in our community, demonstrates your commitment to being part of a wider movement aimed at making London a better place.

9. Receive critical information regarding local, provincial and federal nonprofit news
Our newsletter, email updates and bulletins help to keep you informed about emerging trends and news that may be of vital importance to you and your organization.

10. Help give a voice to the nonprofit sector in London
Ten years ago, Pillar had a vision of the public, private and nonprofit sector coming together and the nonprofit sector being at the table for discussions about economic development and the London community. Today, Pillar is consistently asked to be a part of the big conversations. With your help, the voice of the nonprofit sector will continue to strenthen and grow. 

Don't take our word for it! Read some of our Member testimonials.

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