Pillar Team Alliance

To thrive as a team we agree to:

use GENUINE AND ACTIVE APPRECIATION with each other - learn each other's Appreciation Languages, be aware of different needs, use diversity of methods

CELEBRATE SUCCESS in formal and informal ways (birthdays, achieving milestones, savouring accomplishments)

SPEND TIME TOGETHER intentionally (community volunteering, reflective time, discovery walks)

BE PRESENT TO EACH OTHER -- listen deeply, be curious, take time to understand the perspective and experience of each other

engage in GET REAL conversations - be honest, non judgemental, check out assumptions, say what you need to say, actively listen, follow up so nothing is left hanging

create an environment that supports SELF CARE

be generous with MUTUAL SUPPORT - pitch in and help, pass the baton, reach out and check in with each other

support FLEXIBLE WORKING by creating clear guidelines that support it, respecting the diversity of needs that each role requires, communicate where we are

sustain our CULTURE OF FUN

support and sustain a BRAVE SPACE FOR FAILURE AND LEARNING by creating opportunities for us to explore how making mistakes aids in our growth and ability to support each other

be ACCOUNTABLE to each other - clarify who is responsible for what, open, transparent and proactive communication regarding project status and deadlines that impact others

Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
networking events or a job in the nonprofit sector, we can help.