Imagine Canada

Topic: Advocacy and Awareness, Board Governance, Grants and Funding, Legislation, Nonprofit Sector Development, Professional Development
Imagine Canada exists to work alongside other charitable sector organizations — and often in partnership with the private sector, governments and individuals in the community — to ensure that charities...

Prime Minister's Awards

Topic: Awards and Recognition, Volunteerism
The Prime Minister's Awards honour Canadians who are making extraordinary contributions to our communities, our regions and our country through their service. Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards Prime Minister’s Awards for...

South West Refugee Resources

Topic: Syrian Refugees
A list of non-profit and government services that help with basic needs, the citizenship process, and cultural transitions.

How to apply for charitable registration (CRA)

Topic: Starting a Nonprofit
Before applying for registration as a charity, make sure you have made an informed decision. The Canada Revenue Agency has pulled together some resources and suggestions to help the process...

The Travel Companion: Your Guide to Working With Others for Social Outcomes

Topic: Collaboration, Social Innovation
The Centre for Social Impact's Travel Companion was developed in 2015 to help you understand whether and how you can work with others for social outcomes. Find out more at...


Topic: Volunteerism
Volunteering creates a lasting legacy that transforms the lives of the people who volunteer and the people that benefit. To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada, we invite all Canadians...

Visible Minorities and Women in Senior Leadership Positions: London, Hamilton and Ottawa

Topic: Advocacy and Awareness, Board Governance, Diversity, Leadership
Research report finds that Visible Minorities and Visible Minority women are severely under-represented in leadership positions in London. Read full research report conducted by Western University looking at diversity in...

South West Refugees Resources

Topic: Diversity, Syrian Refugees
When getting settled in the South West area, alongside getting personal identification, certificates and licences , there are non-profit and government services that help with basic needs, the citizenship process,...

Civic Engagement in London & Middlesex

Topic: Diversity, Syrian Refugees, Volunteerism
This handbook gives you information on how to become part of your community and become involved in decision-making processes. It includes information on what your rights and responsibilities in Canada...

Transitions, Milestones, and Legacies: Volunteering and Retirement Planning

Topic: Volunteerism
As people enter into retirement or transition in their lifecycle, many seek new options to engage in their communities and to maintain, grow or develop new skills. Volunteering is increasingly...


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