Volunteer Resources

Imagine Canada

Delivers research that puts the sector on the map and raises its profile in the minds of Canadians. It also shapes public policy and builds support, encouraging collaboration and engagement from businesses, government and individuals.

Volunteer Database

Nonprofits and charities (Pillar members) can post their volunteer needs on our website. Check out what current volunteer positions are available, and get started volunteering.

Volunteering for New Canadians

Pillar has a variety of resources and information about volunteering for new Canadians and immigrants.

Survival Info for Young Newcomers

This new website has topics on Finding a Job, Volunteering, Health and School.


Connects youth around the world to find inspiration, information and get involved in improving their local and global communities.


Committed to supporting volunteerism and civic participation through ongoing programs and special projects; actively engages in research, training and other national initiatives designed to increase community participation across the country.

Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
networking events or a job in the nonprofit sector, we can help.