Camp Dawn Volunteer (adult brain injury camping retreat)

Time Commitment: 
Short-term (0-3 months)
Deadline to Apply: 
Saturday, August 3, 2024
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Our leaders work in groups to facilitate activities for campers, playing an integral role in Camp Dawn. There are two leaders and 5-7 campers per cabin.Leaders sleep in their own room in the cabin and there are 2 washrooms in each cabin. All food is providedby teh camp.  Most campers are self-sufficient and do not need to be constantly monitored; however, leaders are expected to know the whereabouts of their campers. Leaders are NOT expected to act as personal assistants for campers – campers that need that level of assistance will come to camp with their own personal attendants. Rather, leaders play a friendly role in guiding campers towards a fun camp experience

Our leaders are volunteers who are at least 18 years of age. Leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, from social service careers, university and college students, professionals in the ABI field, family members and community members.  Leaders must have a valid first aid certification and criminal reference check.

Required Qualifications/Training: 
Police Check (vulnerable sector check)
Skills Preferred: 
ability to connect with others
Additional Opportunity Information: 
Camp begins at noon on Thursday September 12 and ends at 11 am on Sunday September 15, 2024. Leaders can join us after work on the Thursday if they are unable to get to camp for noon.

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