Tour Guide

Time Commitment: 
Long-Term (6+ months)
Deadline to Apply: 
Tuesday, December 31, 2019
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Description: Contribute to a friendly, inviting atmosphere and exceptional visitor experiences as a Museum London Tour Guide! As a Tour Guide you will be facilitating and planning tours for school-aged children (elementary and high-school), adults and special-needs individuals. Come join us at Museum London as we educate the next generation in art, culture and heritage!

Commitment: This role has a minimum commitment of one year.  Tour guide meetings occur every Monday (with the exception of holidays) from Monday, September 16th, 2019 - June 2020.  Tours occur at least once a week (a half day – either a morning or afternoon, as needed). July to August guides do not meet or tour. All new guides are required to complete a series of four scheduled training sessions.

Training: 2-3 months training required. Training consists of exhibition briefings by curators, workshops on touring methodology, speakers on art topics, visits to artists’ studios and other galleries. Training focuses on school curriculum, experiential learning, designing tours and teaching studio programs. Experienced tour guides mentor new volunteers until they are ready to tour on their own. 

Skill Requirements:
• Background or interest in visual arts and/or teaching.
• Skilled in public speaking and facilitating groups including young school children, high school students, adult, and special-needs
• Work as team-players when facilitating and planning large group tours, but also independently when dealing with smaller groups
• Valid Police Records Check
• Complete mandatory Health & Safety training
• Must be 18 years of age or older

**Fluency in French is an asset

Duties and responsibilities:
• Learn about new exhibitions, and develop tour strategies
• Commit to additional time for independent reading and research
• Use the computer and internet to facilitate research, communication, and tour scheduling
• Plan each tour appropriate to the age and needs of group, using inquiry, discussion and interactive strategies to help visitors make personal connections with the art
• Provide curriculum-based school programs to students (art tours/studio programs) from JK-Gr.12, also tour adult groups through our art exhibitions

• Parking pass supplied for mandatory Monday morning meetings and tour shifts
• 15% off in Muse Shop + Rental 

Reporting to: Steve Mavers, Curator of Education

Required Qualifications/Training: 
Valid Police Check (PVSC)
Complete Mandatory Health & Safety Training
Attend all four Tour Guide training sessions (dates above)
Skills Preferred: 
Experience teaching
Background in Fine Arts, Art History, and/or History
Enjoy working with children
Skilled in public speaking
Can work independently and as a team
Additional Opportunity Information: 
Please apply online at and send your resume to

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