Workplace Culture and Influential Leadership

Session #4 of Leading From the Inside Out: Transforming Leadership 2019 Program
May 15, 2019

Leadership directly affects workplace culture, while impacting internal and external engagement, environment, atmosphere, and the overall success of an organization. Therefore, it is crucial for leaders to understand and be intentional around the scope of their influence.

Leadership is at the foundation of culture, bolstering employees to achieve the organization’s mission and empowering them to understand how vital each of their contributions is to further those goals. Your thoughts and behaviours as a leader, your communication style and the shadow you cast all affect how work is experienced across the organization and how the culture is shaped and lived.

In this interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Build understanding of their behavioural style through assessment tools
  • Learn how to teach, live, measure and reward the culture they want to build through their leadership style
  • Gain deeper insight into how to lead from the insight out to be an influential leader and shape workplace culture

About the Presenter: 

Trista Walker is the Executive Director of Alumni Relations at Western University. 

She is currently striving to assist Western in achieving its goal of doubling alumni engagement. Trista began her career at Western in 2001, and is most proud of her work on Homecoming and Lifelong Learning programs. She enjoys the limitless possibilities found in creating new initiatives for alumni at all stages of the life cycle.

Trista leads a group of talented alumni engagement professionals and is Secretary to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. She developed and successfully implemented a department-wide culture initiative. Most recently, Trista is focused on spearheading the creation of an Employee Engagement framework for External Relations at Western. She holds a BA in Communications from Brock University and an MA in Strategic Communications and Leadership from Seton Hall University.

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