Build Your Best Board 2021

This workshop is part of our All About Boards four-part series. For more information and to register for the entire series please click here.


Great boards aren’t created overnight. The board building process involves careful recruitment, focused orientation, ongoing training and a process for dealing with poorly performing directors. At a time when people are busier and boards are under increasing scrutiny, board recruitment needs to be intentional, planned for and aligned with your strategic plan. 

How do you work towards finding and retaining board members who have the skills you need and reflect the community you serve? At the same time, it is the board's responsibility to commit to equity to ensure it has the right representation amongst board members to support their mission and future forward planning. 

This session will help you plan a board development strategy. Participants will learn about:

  • Board Recruitment and Succession Planning

    • What do you need?

    • How can you reach diverse candidates and ensure representation? How would you recruit?

  • Imbedding equity and inclusion 

    • What is the board’s role? 

    • How can you reflect your commitment to equity and inclusion? 

  • Onboarding

    • Board Orientation

    • New Board Member Engagement

  • Retention

    • How do you continue to engage and demonstrate appreciation for board members?  

  • Annual Reviews

    • For the board and Executive Director

LEVEL: Intermediate

TARGET AUDIENCE: Board Members, Executive Directors, board support staff and those interested in learning about becoming a volunteer board member


Dharshi Lacey is the Director, Equity Inclusion & Governance at Pillar Nonprofit Network. She has over 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector in London. Through Pillar Impact Consulting she offers customized supports to nonprofit boards on governance best practice and supports the Pillar Equity and Inclusion team in assisting nonprofit boards and leadership tables develop and embed an equity lens into their organizations. 

Lissa Foster has more than 25 years experience in diverse roles related to the nonprofit sector. She has worked at national, provincial and local levels leading fund development and event management teams, managing volunteers, supporting volunteer-led chapters of large organizations and in communications and media relations capacities. This is rounded out with experience in a senior leadership role in corporate community relations. Lissa has served as Board Chair of Pillar Nonprofit Network and now reports to a board in her current capacity as Executive Director of The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. She is passionate about excellence in non-profit governance.

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