Succession Planning for Organizational Continuity 2021

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If succession planning is so important, why do some boards and Executive Directors put it off? Nonprofit leaders agree that developing future leaders is critical to continuing to fulfill their organizations’ missions. And organizations know that they need to have a plan in place for when transitions occur. But when it comes to taking the actions necessary to develop future leaders systematically, and well, many admit to falling short. 

Nonprofits that are serious about their own sustainability also need to be serious about planning for smooth and thoughtful transitions of leadership, unexpected departures and general succession planning for all roles.  Whether a transition occurs due to an unexpected vacancy, or the anticipated transition of a long-tenured role, being deliberative and thoughtful, and having a plan in place, can help a nonprofit weather the inevitable challenges of transitions with staff. 

While the board is directly responsible for managing the Executive Director, boards have a responsibility to ensure that the organization has strong succession planning overall in place. 

In this session we will use sample case studies and share the leadership transition journey including the processes developed by boards and organizational experiences. Included in the discussion will be general good best practices for successful succession planning for all staff, including processes and tools that can help strengthen your organization. 

In this workshop we will explore:

  • A framework for successful succession planning and leadership transitions 

  • How to support succession planning across the organization through practices such as cross training, building leadership internally and documenting history and practices 

  • Your board’s role as employer of the staff leader and broader organizational success 

  • How to centre equity in your organization’s definition of “leadership” 

  • Tools and resources to help you create your own succession plan

LEVEL: Intermediate

TARGET AUDIENCE: Board Members, Executive Directors, board support staff and those interested in learning about becoming a volunteer board member


Paul Hubert,Chief Executive Officer at Pathways Employment Help Centre

Paul Hubert has served as the CEO of Pathways Skill Development, now Pathways Employment Help Centre in London, Ontario for 21 years assisting individuals to overcome barriers to employment.  A recognized community leader in social enterprise development and organizational growth, Paul is passionate about people realizing their full potential.

He spent seven years in Latin America, helping young leaders rise to their potential. Paul served as the Deputy Mayor of the City of London and City Councillor, bringing thoughtful leadership to the public realm for 12 years. He has served on numerous boards of directors.

Paul holds an M.A. in psychology focused on the process of change. His research was in the area of desistance amongst young offenders and addictions.  He brings passion and pragmatic insights to his work.

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