Youth Impact Zone Summer 2022

Do you have big dreams about a project that could change your community for the better?

Want to win $500 to make that idea possible? 

The Youth Impact Zone is a 6-week program that gives you access to the resources and guidance needed to make your entrepreneurial ideas a reality. With support from the Social Six and City Studio teams, you can take what starts with a note scrawled on a napkin or thought saved in a voice memo, and turn it into a real socially-innovative entrepreneurial project. 

We will guide you through 3 key stages to build an all-encompassing idea pitch. Throughout this summer, you’ll participate in a combination of live workshops, self-paced courses, community discussions, and a dragon den-style pitch event. The final event will bring together key stakeholders: nonprofits, local governments, and potential investors. The top three groups will win up to $500.  No experience? No worries we’ll mentor you through the entire process! If you’re ready to turn ideas into an impact this summer, let's make it happen together. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Youth ages 14-25 can participate. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Module 1: Ideation & Impact 

Module 2: Planning & Prototyping

Module 3: Scaling, & Sustainability & Pitching


Week 1: Monday, July 18, 3-7 pm

  • Module 1: Workshop (Hybrid), Solutions Lab, Introduction to the Youth Impact Zone (Hybrid), Art session (get to know your team)

Week 2: July 25 - 31

  • Team Leader Meetings, Mentorship Meeting

Week 3: Wednesday, August 3, 3:30-5:30 pm

  • Module 2: Workshop (Hybrid), Solutions Lab

Week 4: August 8 - 14

  • Team Leader Meetings, Mentorship

Week 5: Monday, August 15, 4-6 pm

  • Module 3: Workshop (Hybrid), Solutions Lab

Week 6: Thursday, August 25, 6-9 pm 

  • Youth Impact Competition, Final Event (In-Person at Innovation Works)



  • Register as an individual or as a group. We will pair individual participants who are looking for groups!

  • Outside of workshops, all groups will work through their idea with guidance from our online content

  • Each team will nominate a team leader and will be paired with an industry mentor to help them through the social innovation process

  • Participants will showcase their entrepreneurial social ventures to a panel of judges

  • The highest-ranked pitch will win the Social Six Young Innovators Award, a cash prize, and recognition on Pillar Nonprofit Network’s platforms

  • All groups get to connect with potential investors at our final event 

  • If you can't attend all sessions, don't worry! We will be sending weekly updates and all content will be available to review online

Thank you to RBC Future Launch, Sifton Family Foundation and Westminster Foundation for their generous support of this event

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