Reflections on Transformational Leadership: Leading From the Inside Out

Since 2012, Pillar has brought together thought leaders who are passionate about developing leadership skills and transforming communities. In 2020, fifty individuals joined Pillar on a leadership journey by partaking in the series Transformational Leadership: Leading From the Inside OutWe wanted to create a space where leaders could go to cultivate their ability to act with empathy, passion and creatively and renew their commitment towards their organization’s mission and/or greater social good in the community. 

We know that it’s no secret that how we understand leadership has evolved and continues to expand as we learn and adapt in our ever-changing world. Authenticity, vulnerability and courage are often used to describe the greatest examples of leadership and yet, we tend to not dedicate enough time to grow these qualities within ourselves. Before a leader can effectively inspire others, they must cultivate their understanding of who they are and who they want to be as a leader. The Transformational Leadership program started with this goal in mind.

Monica Dikkes of Ready, Set, Draw! participated in this series and provided the following graphic recordings:

SESSION #1: Influencing Workplace Culture Through Creativity and Play

SESSION #2: The Self-Aware Leader: How Understanding Yourself Helps You Better Understand Others

 SESSION #3: Leveraging your Leadership to Advance Equity and Inclusion

 SESSION #4: Self Leadership: Create Balance and Stop the Glorification of Busy

 SESSION #5 : Transform Your Leadership: Drawing From Indigenous Wisdom

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