Reset. Strengthen. Deliver. Pillar Nonprofit Network's Provisional Strategic Plan 2024-2025

Dear Community Members,

Over the past year, we’ve kept you informed about Pillar Nonprofit Network’s progress, sharing both challenges and successes. Today marks a significant milestone as we unveil our 2024-2025 Provisional Strategic Plan, a crucial step in our commitment to building a resilient and future-focussed organization. This roadmap will guide Pillar over the next 18-24 months, outlining our goals and priorities, and setting the direction for our upcoming work.

This provisional plan lays out a comprehensive and dynamic approach to meeting the challenges and opportunities facing the nonprofit sector. It anchors our dedication to collaborating with our members and network to strengthen the impact sector which continues to address complex community problems with limited resources. 

The plan is a result of extensive community consultations, ensuring it reflects the diverse needs and aspirations of those we serve. We, Pillar’s Board and senior leadership, heard you. In the Board’s 2023 Community Survey you told us you want Pillar to focus on the core programs and services needed most by the sector right now. Not surprisingly, these are also the things Pillar does exceptionally well; things like affordable training and learning programs for nonprofits; advocacy on behalf of the sector; and gathering and sharing data with and about the sector.

This plan is a living document, attuned to the ever-changing sector landscape, evolving in harmony with our network and the broader nonprofit community. We remain committed to listening and adapting, keeping Pillar ahead of the curve in addressing emerging challenges and opportunities.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to actively participate in implementing this strategic plan, by contributing your insights. Join Pillar Nonprofit Network in our mission to create positive and lasting change in the community. Your continued support is appreciated, and together, we look forward to forging a just and vibrant tomorrow for all.

In community,

Kapil Lakhotia                                 Maureen Cassidy
Board Chair                                     CEO
Pillar Nonprofit Network                  Pillar Nonprofit Network 



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