vlog #2: Building Trust and Examining Power

#followthefellowship blog entry by Michelle Baldwin

Still learning this vlog life, first time face capture at beginning had me LOL and this time vlog is 6 minutes & too long. Stick with me & I promise I will get these to 3 minutes or less!

I was just having too much fun capturing the amazing people I have met at Vantage Point, CityStudio Vancouver, HiVE Vancouver,, RADIUS SFU and The Moment!

Vantage Point: met with Mark Friesen and Maria Turnbull. Vantage Point has been around for 75 years and similar to Pillar started off with its roots focused as a Volunteer Centre. They have created a nonprofit lifeycycle model

CityStudio Vancouver: met with Duane Elverum and we talked about the emergence of CityStudio London (stay tuned) and as we explore about themes related to my fellowship he shared about some researched focused on trust and innovation networks from Nina Kolleck and Inka Bormaan where they looked at trust structures when building innovation networks.

HiVE Vancouver: Innovation Works has a co-working passport with other spaces across Canada who engage social innovators and I worked there in between meetings and it was cool to see the vibe.

RadiusSFU: met with Kiri Bird who I first worked alongside when exploring the development of Social Innovation Canada and she is stepping into a leadership role as they have a short term transition so we had some alignment there. We also talked about power structures that exist in business and government and how does that show up in cross sector collaboration and how we are showing up as individuals.

The Moment: met with Simon Mhanna and Robert Hicks who are Innovation Designers and we talked about holocracy and reinventing organizational structures.

I also reflected on going to Whistler to decompress and renew in nature.

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