Vlog #6: Globally Connected, Locally Rooted

#followthefellowship blog entry by Michelle Baldwin

An epic journey through Europe to Impact Hub FlorenceImpact Hub Vienna and Impact Hub Amsterdam revealed! 

Themes include:

1. Comes as you are, this is your home
2. Like a family
3. Use impact enterprise instead of social enterprise because of interpretation of “social”
4. How do you engage members as active in decision making
5. Creating a network that is alive
6. Members part of incremental change and big change
7. Deep focus on members and wrapping around them
8. Letting go of language and labels
9. Essential value of being part of a global network 
   - Shared value proposition 
   - Shared decision making
   - Members influencing direction
10. What is my role in city building and what can I be doing as an individual


Would love to hear from you with your ideas about you explore and engage with art in your life as a way of reflecting and learning.

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