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LAST PAGE UPDATE: Thursday, March 23, 2023, 2pm

Pillar Nonprofit Network's Strategic Plan binds us and emboldens us to name and resist violence against and inequities affecting Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) abroad and right here in our own community and to embrace radical accountability for our own role in oppressive systems. 

At Pillar, those of us who have benefited from White privilege are committing to the long process of unlearning and learning, and we are making sure to check on our team members who have suffered and continue to suffer harm from White supremacy.

We also know that, as individuals and organizations dedicated to positive change, our members have an essential role in creating a safe, just, and equitable community for all. While we continue to examine and adjust our own role in this work, we remain committed to sharing resources to help our membership and community recognize and combat racism in Canada and elsewhere while also managing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also join in recognizing that the pandemic is a revealer of other sociodemographic determinants of health both in Canada and abroad. If there are resources or other supports you need to join in this work, please reach out to to let us know.


The Pillar Nonprofit Network team is committed to engaging, supporting, and informing our membership and community through the multiple crises we face. Use our curated collection to find the information you need when you need it. You'll also find COVID-19 news related to our operations and service delivery on our News page and relevant virtual content on the Pillar Events page

Government news & relief to nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and individuals. 

Upcoming free virtual learning

Resources and advocacy for the impact sector 

Volunteers and volunteering

Addressing racism and xenophobia 

Resources to support good mental health and resilience

Business continuity

Resources for London

Reliable public health information

Giving and philanthropy

Current relief and funding opportunities, COVID-specific or not

Systems Change and Future-Weaving


Government news & relief to nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and individuals (Trouvez ici des ressources en français pour les organismes sans but lucratif en Ontario)

Upcoming free webinars, online events, and briefings + occasional in-person opportunities for learning and connection

    • Past events (when recordings are made available, these will be re-linked and moved to appropriate subject areas)

Resources and advocacy for the impact sector, including nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, and impact investors

A checklist of things you could do today

Volunteerism and Volunteer Management

Addressing racism, xenophobia, and sociodemographic determinants of health

Resilience, adaptability and mental health: Please note these resources are not a substitute for the advice of a licensed therapist or medical professional. If you are in need of immediate support please contact your doctor, or reach out to the Canadian Mental Health Association by calling 519-433-2023. 

Business continuity (crisis communications, financial management, and human resources)

London and area specific resources

Public health information (Vous trouverez ici des ressources en français concernant la COVID-19 et la santé publique)

Philanthropy, Giving, and Special Grants and Opportunities for COVID-19 Response 

Emerging Futures: Recovery and (Re)building 


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