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The Pillar Nonprofit Network team is committed to engaging, supporting, and informing our membership and community. Getting too much information? Or too little? Use our curated collection, updated daily, to find the information you need, when you need it. Though the individuals, nonprofits, enterprises, and impact investors in our membership each have their own needs, many of the resources will be useful to multiple users, so by all means browse for the items you never knew you needed, too. You'll also find COVID-19 news related to our operations and service delivery or other critical updates affecting our community on our News page, a forum to ask questions on the Pillar Online Community, and relevant virtual content on the Pillar Events page. Use this guide to jump to the section or item you need.

Government news & relief to nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and individuals. We get it! We’re trying to keep up with all the policy announcements, too. For an overview, we recommend Imagine Canada’s regularly-updated Federal Government Covid-19 Measures. Canada Helps has a good guide to province-specific relief programs. What applies to you? Try out rTraction’s business self-assessment  or feedback from the Women’s Entrepreneur Knowledge Hub. What about you as a person, your family, or your staff? Check out Dr Jennifer Robson’s plain-language guide to government aid for individuals. If you're looking to browse a bit, start with federal government news and relief programs hereprovincial news here, and local London news here. There's more helpful guides for area nonprofits here, and government relief for individuals here. You'll find data from Statistics Canada and others here.

Looking for up-to-the-minute learning opportunities? Find free webinars, online events, and briefings here, as local, timely, or otherwise useful as we can find. For events hosted by Pillar members, head to our events page and, for Pillar Nonprofit Network events, our Upcoming Pillar Events page. For a variety of resources delivered in ASL, visit Silent Voice's COVID-19 Corner.

To make sense of the flood of resources and advocacy for the impact sector that suit you best, start with national, provincial, and local advocacy for the sector here and advocacy for impact investors, social enterprises, and innovators here. Learn about the impact on the sector here, find resources for impact organizations here and specific resources for social enterprises and innovators here.

Feel like you just need to do something now? Take this checklist and make it your own: you could inform folks of anything that's changed about your programs; do a business self-assessment today so you know what's on your list for tomorrow; or seek volunteers to help move your projects forward.

On the subject of volunteers, though there are some new challenges, volunteers have likely never been more willing or more needed to help, and you'll find some volunteer-involved stuff here, including local resources, grassroots movements, national resources, some global perspectives, and even a bit of funding for volunteer-involved initiatives.

Addressing racism and xenophobia is part of Pillar's strategic plan, and it hasn't passed us by that the pandemic has boosted the need to recognize and combat racism in Canada and elsewhere. We also join in recognizing that the pandemic is a revealer of other sociodemographic determinants of health both in Canada and abroad.

How are you holding up, really? To help you take care of yourself and the people important to you, we've assembled resources to support good mental health and resilience, from reliable local and Canadian sources and from trustworthy global sources.

Keep the wheels turning. We're all talking business continuity a lot now. We've collected great resources, many local, for nonprofits, for social enterprises, and on the subjects of crisis communications, leadership, human resources, and the pivot to remote work and virtual everything.

As Londoners, we respond to the pandemic and the wicked problems we already had, by thinking globally, but acting locally. Browse London-specific resources for supporting London's most vulnerable people here, support for the frontlines here, shopping local here, and supporting local micro-volunteering and mutual aid here.

We are not medical experts, either, but these are the things we know about reliable public health information: we're making our decisions and basing our actions on information from the Middlesex-London Health Unit & Public Health Ontario while we monitor information from the Public Health Agency of Canada and global authorities like the World Health Organization.

No, it's not too soon to talk about giving and philanthropy. Find ways to give in support of the local COVID-19 response here. All you fundraisers, find your resources here; join in the conversation about philanthropy here; learn how community foundations are responding here; and check out COVID-19 funding opportunities here

And it's not too soon to talk about the future, either. Bureaucrats and visionaries are drawing the blueprints of a new reality, some of which will ending up being a temporary reponse to the pandemic crisis and some of which will be a transformational response to the crisis we were already in. We've collected a few interesting takes, but especially recommend you check out the COVID-19 collection by Future of Good. As some have noted, the crisis is really played out in cities, and we recommend the suite of tools offered by in the Canadian Urban Institute COVID-19 Response. The missions of our member organizations are critical and, in addition to these resources, we will continue to strengthen our member organizations and increase their impact, in part by building the capacities of their leaders. Watch this section for more about the importance of leadership in the world we hope for.

Government news & relief to nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and individuals (Trouvez ici des ressources en français pour les organismes sans but lucratif en Ontario)

Upcoming free webinars, online events, and briefings

Resources and advocacy for the impact sector, including nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, and impact investors

A checklist of things you could do today

Volunteerism and Volunteer Management

Addressing racism, xenophobia, and sociodemographic determinants of health


Resilience, adaptability and mental health: Please note these resources are not a substitute for the advice of a licensed therapist or medical professional. If you are in need of immediate support please contact your doctor, or reach out to the Canadian Mental Health Association by calling 519-433-2023. 

Business continuity (crisis communications, financial management, and human resources)

London and area specific resources

Public health information (Vous trouverez ici des ressources en français concernant la COVID-19 et la santé publique)

Philanthropy, Giving, and Special Grants and Opportunities for COVID-19 Response 

Emerging Futures: Recovery and (Re)building 

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