On Covid-19 Project

Time Commitment: 
Mid-Term (3-6 months)
Deadline to Apply: 
Wednesday, July 22, 2020
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The On Covid-19 Project is a grassroot, volunteer-based project inspired by Ask a Scientist, a joint initiative pioneered by the American Federation of Scientists and The National Science Policy Network that launched in March 2020. Our project is an endeavour that brings together your friendly neighbourhood nerds and active citizens in order to achieve our project goals. There are two components to this project. The first is to capture and share credible, Canada-focused COVID-19 information that is concise and easy for the average Canadian to understand. The second is to mobilize a volunteer force that will share social media posts made by @OnCOVID19 to their stories across various platforms, thereby reaching a far wider audience.

There are two levels of commitment on this project - Associate (4-6hr/wk) and Partner (1hr/wk).


Partners are any individuals that are interested in spreading credible, concise and Canadian information on their social media accounts (via stories and posts) to broaden the reach of information to Canadians. Once a week our core team will send you some graphics and we just ask that you share it on your socials. That’s it. While the responsibility might sound simple, the entire project hinges on the commitment and contribution of this team of volunteers!

Requirements of Partners:

      • have a social media account (Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter)
      • report back weekly with analytics (via a brief online form) to help the Associates track growth and reach
      • Dedicate 1 hours (likely less than 30mins) a week to this project 


Associates are members of the core team and are split into three portfolios; Research, Communications & Outreach. Each portfolio has a Director and a team of Associates.

Ideal Traits of Associates Members

      • Passionate 
      • Believer in Evidence-Informed Policy, Knowledge, and Science
      • Enthusiastic about creating a better world
      • Desire to contribute to something meaningful during the world’s pandemic pause  
      • Inquisitive (Quick to Google when you aren’t sure about something)
      • Great time management skills (able to provide a quick turn around with information) 

General Requirements of the Associates: 

      • Able to dedicate 4-6 hours a week (flexible hours)
      • Able to work under the direction of their Director
      • Able to work in a timely fashion and meet weekly targets 
      • Able to work collaboratively 
      • time management skills 
      • Able to communicate effectively and efficiently in a virtual team setting
      • Is enthusiastic and dedicated to the project

 •note: having a background in a health-related field is not a requirement to be part of this project* 

The Research Portfolio team will be given the task of finding credible, accurate, evidence-based information and explaining it in a clear and concise way. Research Associates will work to meet internal metrics set by the Director of Research to ensure the validity of information and work collaboratively both as a portfolio and as an overall core team member. 

Requirements of Research Associates:

      • Ability to critically access information (Can you spot fake news? Are you able to identify the difference between fact and opinion?)
      • Research experience (Are you able to find the original source of information? )

Assets but not requirements:

      • Health-related educational background
      • Educational background, experience, or knowledge regarding politics and government 

The Communications Portfolio team will focus on taking the brief write up that the Research Portfolio completed and turning it into a graphic. The goal will be to have graphics speak for themselves without the support of a caption.

Requirements of Communication Associates:

      • Graphic design/Canva skills 

The Outreach Portfolio will feature associates that represent different cohorts. This team will work closely with our Partners, who will share our information to their various social circles. The Outreach associates will also track and evaluate posts and story insights that our Partners report to us. This portfolio will also work to be constantly recruiting new members to join our project.

Assets, but not requirements, of Outreach Associates:

      • Experience networking
      • Experience in Marketing and Promotions (formal or informal)
      • Experience managing volunteers 
      • Ability to measure success/track our predetermined metrics for success 


Our Project Values:

Fear not friends, after years of painstakingly citing your papers in APA/MLA format, the OnCovid19 team finds an alternative and timely outlet for those skills: finding evidence-informed information on COVID-19. We commit to finding accurate  and well-sourced  information that didn’t come from the deep cuts of Reddit or Wikipedia.

There is a flood of information being shared online regarding Covid-19, and most of it is  from American sources. People are sharing new information as fast as they can and with the best intentions, but subsequent posts are often contradictory in nature or not adequately fact-checked. We strive to find and share science-informed data that is credible, concise, and Canadian. 

Canada is a  diverse land of people from different backgrounds and lived experiences. Each of us deserves access to information that can help make this pandemic safer and easier to navigate. We acknowledge the place of privilege our leadership team has: easy and reliable internet access, the luxury of time to create a project like this, relative financial security, and post-secondary education that gave us the tools to make this project possible. We strive to always post content that is equity-oriented. 

This project will work to co-create solutions and spread ownership throughout the organization. We may not have shares to spread amongst our team of volunteers, but we do want each member of our team - whether they are volunteering one or ten hours a week - to feel engaged in the process and ownership of our shared goal: to spread credible, concise, and Canadian information to as many people as possible. 


Application Form: https://forms.gle/hCmprj5PZFRXRo72A

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