Leveraging your Leadership to Advance Equity and Inclusion in Your Organization (2021)

Session #3 of Transformational Leadership: Leading From the Inside Out 2021 Program
May 5, 2021

2020 has taught us many lessons. One of them is that as leaders, and citizens,  we need to learn and unlearn how power and privilege and  shows up in our world and how we can encourage anti-racist and anti-oppresive cultures in our workplaces and communities. We need to move forward and embrace inclusion as a value proposition beyond the Human Rights Code. Doing this work authentically means that  it is often uncomfortable, but it is in that discomfort that we  grow. 

As a leader, you can leverage your influence to help dismantle systemic racism to create an organization that is more equitable, inclusive and unified. By creating a safe space for your diverse colleagues and a brave space for your organization to have disruptive conversations around equity and inclusion, you will model a willingness to challenge dominant practices and demonstrate a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development. 

Learning Opportunity:

  • Engage in authentic dialogue about the current state of your workplace  culture and organizational structures 

  • Explore how privilege and power along with white dominant culture has  intended and/or unintended consequences on organizations and the people we lead

  • Understand how your leadership style influences workplace culture as it relates to racial equity and inclusion within your organization

  • Strengthen your communication skills to encourage brave and uncomfortable conversations

  • Share best practices, lessons learned and next steps to create an inclusive environment for all 


Dharshi Lacey is the Director, Diversity & Governance at Pillar Nonprofit Network. She has worked for over 20 years in the nonprofit sector. She has many years experience in Cultural Competency, and has facilitated sessions with boards and organizations to help them embed an inclusive and equitable lens in their leadership and strategic work. Dharshi also has over 6 years experience working in community development, with a focus on health promotion for immigrant and francophone populations. She leads a number of professional development workshops on board governance for Pillar Nonprofit Network and offers this expertise in customized content for individual boards within Ontario. Dharshi teaches Board Governance for the Nonprofit Management Post-Degree Diploma offered by Western University Continuing Studies.

Jasmine Ball has led conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion as a facilitator of Anti-Oppressive Practice Training for student leaders at Western University. She guided students as an Alternative Spring Break team leader, in engaging ethically with a host community while participating in an international experiential learning program. As an engaged citizen, she also contributed to London's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, speaking to the marginalization of visible minorities and people living in poverty.   


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