Policy Update: Ontario Budget

The Ontario government released the 2019 Budget on April 11, its first since taking office last June. On May 9, it released the 2019 Expenditure Estimates. What does the budget mean for our sector and specifically London and area? On this page you will find some useful links to keep you updated on current policy changes and we will do our best to add additional links as they become available.

We want to help our sector stay up to date on the issues and policy that are impacting our community.  

Pillar Nonprofit Network’s Role - What is it? What should it be?

Pillar’s Board and Executive Director set public policy direction and priority areas. Our key policy priorities are sector-focused, rather than issues-focused. We recognize other sector-focused priorities may emerge in this timeframe. Learn more about Pillar’s public policy priorities for 2019-2020 here.

During these uncertain times we believe our role is to convene our sector and bring people together. This is an important time for our community to have a conversation and determine as a collective what our next steps and actions should be.

Policy Conversation: Navigating the New Economic Reality

We continue to be in touch with the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) as they advocate on behalf of the province for our sector. On June 18, we invited Cathy Taylor, Executive Director from ONN to share with us budget highlights, policy areas to watch and an update from ONN. London Community Foundation and United Way Elgin Middlesex were also key partners for this conversation.

Learn more about the Policy Conversation: Navigating the New Economic Reality that took place on June 18 here.

What happens following this discussion will be determined by our community. It is our hope that we can continue to help facilitate policy related conversations and to bring forward a voice of the sector. We are working on compiling the community's input and will post the final results from the conversation here.

Upcoming Policy Conversations:

Background Documents

Ontario Nonprofit Network #nonprofitsadvocate

Pillar is a member of Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) and contributes to its public policy advocacy. Pillar’s Executive Director, Michelle Baldwin, is ONN’s Vice-Chair and incoming Chair. Pillar’s Youth Engagement Coordinator, Kayley MacGregor serves on the Decent Work for Women Advisory Committee.

Additional Resources:

Local Impact

We have already heard and will likely continue to get updates on how the provincial budget is impacting our sector. We will do our best to post some articles and updates here so that as a community you can be up-to-date.

City and area job agencies suffer $4 million provincial budget cut

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