Transform Your Leadership: Drawing From Indigenous Wisdom

Session #5 of Transformational Leadership: Leading From the Inside Out 2020 Program

June 9, 2021

Leadership from an Indigenous perspective is not just for the educated and elected, rather it is a time-honoured belief that each person is born with intuitive strengths that can assist the overall better-ment of the community. 

Indigenous leadership focuses on being connected to others, but not in a hierarchical way. Even if formal power is given to an Indigenous leader, they tend not to draw upon it. Rather, they see themselves as being part of a community that is working toward a goal; all equal and all voices important. The influence of Western thought has led us away from this concept. 

How can we rethink leadership, to give thought to the original philosophies and practices of Indigenous peoples and to give voice to invisible leaders? 

How can we learn from Indigenous leaders about resilience and building strong communities as a collective effort? 

These practices and stories come from Sheri Doxtator’s personal experiences. Her teachings and learnings represent a specific nation while at the same time there are many commonalities of history, tradition and cultural traditions shared by Indigenous people.


Sheri Doxtator


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