The Travel Companion: Your Guide to Working with Others for Social Outcomes

The Centre for Social Impact believes we need effective models of collaboration to develop innovative solutions to the biggest social challenges today. But not all problems require systemic change and there are different ways of working with others to find solutions to these problems. The Travel Companion is here to help you understand whether and how you can work with others for social outcomes. 

Partnerships between not-for-profit organizations and business: Challenges and opportunities

3ci Director Tessa Hebb and Research Associate Roopal Thaker have just released a detailed report on how not-for-profit organizations view their partnerships with business.  Drawing on extensive interviews with not-for-profit organizations, this report was commissioned by ESDC, Government of Canada and explores both the challenges and opportunities these partnerships offer.

London Community Foundation

London Community Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to improving communities across London and Middlesex County. We do this by pooling the charitable gifts of donors to create endowment funds and using the investment income to make grants. London Community Foundation also provides leadership — monitoring this area's quality of life and convening people, ideas, and resources to help build stronger and more resilient communities. 


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